Booth Services


Four complimentary badges for every 100 square feet of booth space (not to exceed 280 badges).

Lead retrieval

All exhibitors receive access to complimentary lead retrieval to help gather and organize sales leads.

Qualified buyer list

Each exhibitor will receive complimentary access to a list of qualified buyer attendees prior to and after the 2025 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show.
(List does NOT include email addresses or phone numbers)


For linear and perimeter booths, a 11"H x 17"W identification sign listing your company name and booth number.

Backdrop, side rails

For linear and perimeter booths, 8-foot-high draped background with 36" side rails, drapery.

Booth number stickers

Each booth receives 1-2 booth number stickers placed in the aisle to help attendees identify your booth.


Show site material handling (i.e., drayage; the movement of materials from shipping dock to an exhibit booth for booth set up and then back to the shipping dock for return shipment and/or collection at end of CTS) is also included in the booth space cost noted in the Application. Freeman is responsible for drayage/material moving at CTS.
Please note: Freeman may charge additional fees for drayage after the Show officially opens. Any additional fees incurred after the Show officially opens are at the expense of the Exhibitor, as well as any/all mobile spot fees, forced carpet fees, and any fees above and beyond basic movement of freight (including empty containers, etc.) from the shipping dock to the booth and back. All other furnishings, floor coverings, and additional booth requirements must be provided by the Exhibitor, at their own expense and responsibility.

The use of any specialized equipment (i.e., forklift, scissor-lift, etc.), required in connection with installing or assembling, booth work, spotting and/or rigging will be made available for hire and charged to the Exhibitor at hourly rates noted by Freeman.