J Scott McElroy, Ph.D.

Scott McElroy, Ph.D., is a professor of turfgrass and weed science at Auburn University.  He earned his bachelors and master's degrees at Auburn University and his Ph.D. at North Carolina State University.  McElroy’s research focuses on both chemical and non-chemical means of weed management in turfgrass, as well as methyl bromide alternatives, and poa annua control with fertilizers and herbicides in bermudagrass, bentgrass, and perennial ryegrass.  His university appointment includes 25% teaching and 75% research.  McElroy’s excellence in the turfgrass industry has been well-documented through the many awards he has received, including the Director’s Research Award for the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station at Auburn University, the Outstanding Instructor in the Department of Agronomy and Soils, Auburn University, the GCSAA Watson Fellowship Award, and the Outstanding Young Weed Scientist from the Southern Weed Science Society, and Early Career Weed Scientist from the Weed Science Society of America.  He has served in many leadership positions with the Alabama GCSA, the Weed Science Society of America and the Crop Science Society.   In addition to participation in numerous state and regional turfgrass conferences around the United States, McElroy has lectured extensively internationally on a variety of turfgrass management topics.  He has been a GCSAA faculty member since 2006.