Robotics Roundtable: Autonomous Tech Today and Tomorrow

Tuesday, January 30
8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Registration Required

(2039-01) Join us for an engaging roundtable seminar on the cutting-edge world of autonomous technology in golf course maintenance. Three industry experts share the latest research, fundamentals, and practical applications of autonomous tech in the turf management industry.

Scott McElroy, Ph.D., provides research-based insights into the impact of autonomous tech on agronomics, its limitations, and the exciting future it holds. Learn how this technology is inspiring the next generation of turf managers and energizing the industry.

Erwan LeCocq brings you up to speed on the fundamentals of various autonomous technologies, providing a non-branded perspective. Drawing from his experience at 45-hole WINSTONGolf, he'll discuss fleet management and software essentials. Explore the world of non-mowing robotics and gain a long-term perspective on their deployment.

Dan Meersman, a third-generation superintendent, offers real-world lessons from using 35 robots across three golf courses, grass, and tennis courts. Learn how to overcome hurdles, navigate the politics, and get your facility up and running with robotic tech. Find ways to leverage saved labor for enhanced golfer experiences and explore the possibilities of robotics in various areas of your facility.

We close out with ample time for Q&A and discussions with experts and your peers on the hurdles and opportunities for implementing robotic tech. Enroll now and be at the forefront of this exciting advancement in the industry!

Room Number: North 221AB