Non-Potable Water and Turfgrass Irrigation: One Size Does Not Fit All

Monday, January 29
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Efficient Water Management Planning Series – That You Shouldn’t Miss Section 3

Three key water management seminars by top scientists & superintendents, that you will not want to miss. From understanding policy that drives water use to efficient BMPs and non-potable irrigation water quality, you are sure to learn information that will help you succeed.

(2045-01) Shortage of potable water makes saline, brackish, impaired, and reclaimed water an increasingly common & necessary resource for irrigating golf courses. Increased levels of salts are often found in such water and can be toxic to plants & detrimental to soils. Managing salinity and related stress on putting greens and fairways is a big issue. Because water characteristics can affect soil and plant status, it is important to check water quality periodically. Water analysis reports are often confusing & cumbersome to read, focused primarily on monitoring sodium (Na) contents and little else. Despite what the main problem may be (e.g., salinity, Na hazard or bicarbonates) when the use of non-potable water sources is implemented for irrigation, our first response is often the use of Calcium-based amendments. A significant part of the budget can be spent on Ca-based products that may bring little to no benefits to turf & soil. We will review several important water quality properties should be assessed when water samples are sent for analysis.

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Room Number: North 124A