Kee Dunning

Kee Dunning is a licensed clinical professional counselor, consultant and owner of Dunning Counseling and Consulting in Billings, Mont. She began working full time at age 16 at the Wyoming State Training School for mentally challenged individuals in her hometown, Lander, Wyo. The experience developed a strong desire to help others, a passion Dunning would foster through education and experience, ultimately leading to a career in mental healthcare. Along her journey, she embraced golf as both an avid player and as a member of several golf course grounds crews and can run almost any piece of maintenance equipment. Dunning’s career has taken her on a unique path, working with diverse at-risk populations. Kee has found herself back in academia, regularly educating counseling students, nursing students, and nurse practitioner students on the “Kee Concepts” of communication. Her profession has afforded her the occasion to work with people at various points in their lives. Whether it is in happiness, sadness, or crisis, everyone has a story and the ability to be a part of that story is a gift she cherishes every single day.