Bingru Huang, Ph.D.

Bingru Huang, Ph.D., is a professor and director of the graduate program in plant biology at Rutgers University. She earned her B.S. and M.S. in China and her Ph.D. at Texas Tech University. Huang’s research interests focus on turfgrass stress physiology and management. Her university appointment includes 20% teaching and 80% research. Huang’s excellence in the turfgrass industry has been well-documented through the awards she has received, including the Young Crop Scientist Award, Crop Science Society of America; Recognition Award, New Jersey Turfgrass Association; Research Excellence and Impact Award, Rutgers University; and Outstanding Professor of the Year, Rutgers University. In addition to participate in various state and regional turf conferences within the United States, Huang has also taught in China, Japan, Norway, Scotland, Canada, England, Greece, and Australia. She has been a GCSAA faculty member since 1998.