Technology Integrations for Golf Course Sustainability

Tuesday, January 30
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Registration Required

(2038-01) Dive into the cutting-edge world of turf management technology. Learn about the Toro Precision Sense machine that enables precise soil mapping and the creation of irrigation maps based on different soil types. Explore how this technology ensures accurate and consistent watering, optimizing growing conditions for your turf.

Explore the integration of soil sensors into our irrigation programs, allowing us to validate water application and monitor daily evapotranspiration (ET) rates. Discover how these data-driven insights help fine-tune water allocation and ensure efficient resource usage.

Witness the power of drone technology as we conduct daily flights for plant health analysis using NDVI and thermal imaging. Uncover how these aerial observations enable us to fine-tune water allocation further, while also providing valuable prescription maps for targeted sprayer applications. Experience firsthand how this technology revolutionizes time, product, and labor allocation, delivering superior results where they matter most.

Our comprehensive program incorporates years of experience and data-backed insights. Discover the sustainability benefits of these advanced technologies, ensuring the health of your turf and optimizing operational efficiency.

Room Number: North 122AB