Water: The Role Golf Courses Can and Should Play in Combatting a Growing National Crisis

Monday, January 29
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Registration Required

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Efficient Water Management Planning Series – Section 2

Three key water management seminars by top scientists & superintendents, that you will not want to miss. From understanding policy that drives water use to efficient BMPs and non-potable irrigation water quality, you are sure to learn information that will help you succeed on the golf course.

Each seminar is led by a university scientist with a panel of scientists & superintendents. Anyone from any location will learn, but those facing water use pressures will greatly benefit from this series now.

(2044-01) Water-related challenges present a threat to golf courses across the U.S. as a function of increasingly unpredictable weather coupled with growing public scrutiny of golf course impacts on water quality and quantity alike. Good planning & preparation are essential to optimize water-use efficiency & prepare for extreme weather events including drought or heavy rainfall events that may lead to flooding. This seminar presents national trends related to changing weather, as well as an overview of BMPs & resources available to support you in being proactive and prepared. Emphasis is placed on water budgeting, considerations for irrigation infrastructure, turfgrass & plant selection, green stormwater infrastructure, and tactics for communicating conservation efforts to diverse audiences. Superintendents from diverse geographic regions share their experiences & perspectives for meaningful discussion.

This seminar is FREE to everyone. Registration is required so sign up now.

Room Number: North 124A