Crafting a Winning Topdressing Strategy for Exceptional Turf

Tuesday, January 30
8:00 am – 10:00 am

Registration Required

-- SOLD-OUT --

(2017-01) Discover the art of topdressing in this engaging presentation. Learn the importance of implementing effective topdressing programs and how they contribute to high-quality turfgrass. We'll address key issues like layering, providing practical solutions to remediate this problem on golf courses.

Explore the best strategies for developing and managing topdressing programs, supported by relevant research findings. Gain insights into sand selection, optimal timing, and alternative approaches. Our seminar emphasizes three essential points: stick with what works, maintain consistency, and avoid topdressing fads.

We'll equip you with techniques to justify topdressing to your board and potentially secure increased budget allocations. Join us and unlock the secrets to maximizing your turf's potential through mastering the art of topdressing.

Room Number: North 231C