Plant and Soil Interactions

Tuesday, January 30
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Registration Required

(593-01) Turfgrass nutrient needs can vary based on soil tests, which are often hard to interpret. Soil tests can also give differing values based on what test was used. Nutritional needs are well documented for most of the essential nutrients of turfgrass, as well as how soil testing methods can vary. This presentation will explore those nutritional needs element-by-element and show how to read a soil test.

These needs are based on previously conducted research, and ways to best apply them economically. We also discuss how much of a nutrient is needed to make an impact on the soil test to change the levels in the soil. Finally, we discuss and review soil tests from the audience and discuss how they can improve their fertility programs. Engage in dynamic discussions on effective pH amendment and salt flushing techniques to optimize your soil's health. Gain comprehensive knowledge on the nutritional needs and timing of uptake for every essential element, empowering you to achieve turfgrass growth and vitality.

Room Number: North 127C