Water Planning and Decision-Making by Governmental Agencies, Conservancy Districts, and Utilities: Successfully Engaging with the Process

Monday, January 29
8:00 am – 10:00 am

Registration Required

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Efficient Water Management Planning Series Section 1

Three key water management seminars by top scientists & superintendents, that you will not want to miss. From understanding policy that drives water use to efficient BMPs and non-potable irrigation water quality, you are sure to learn information that will help you succeed on the golf course.

Each seminar is led by a university scientist with a panel of scientists & superintendents to provide additional feedback & answer your questions. Anyone from any location will learn, but those facing water use pressures will greatly benefit from this series now.

(2043-01) As the southwestern U.S. labors under the challenges of an unprecedented megadrought, the pressure to reduce water use in all sectors continues to increase. This is particularly true for the golf industry, which presents a highly visible target to water agencies and utilities for demonstrating action toward water use reduction. This seminar will characterize the planning and decision-making processes employed by federal and state agencies, water conservancy districts, and utilities as they manage water use and supply under drought conditions and an increasingly variable climate. Methods for engaging with water agencies and utilities will be presented and discussed, as well as specific examples of successful cooperation. The ecosystem service contributions of golf to the environment will be emphasized as a basis for meaningful dialogue between all parties.

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Room Number: North 124A