Cultivate Business Success with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategies

Monday, January 29
8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Registration Required

(2061-01) Discover how equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) can transform your turf management team. Join us for a compelling seminar and leave with actionable strategies to strengthen your team and facility and expand your labor pool for even greater success.

Learn from an EDI expert how purposeful hiring, paired with EDI practices and driven by your company's values, lead to a more impactful and effective team composition. Understand how prioritizing EDI practices can create an environment where employees flourish and find satisfaction.

Gain insight into the impact of unconscious bias from the experiences of a trailblazing Assistant Superintendent and founder of Women in Turfgrass, and find out how integrating equity and inclusion practices (or not) into your team's fabric impacts the individuals you lead.

Our final speaker, a Director of Agronomy, walks us through a case study demonstrating the power of EDI in reshaping an entire department, equipping you with actionable takeaways to implement similar changes within your facility.

Finally, uncover the art of inclusive leadership, discovering how it can drive change and unlock the full potential of your team. Explore practical approaches to repairing harm and maintaining a culture of respect and empathy when EDI efforts face challenges.

Empower your team with tools for effective EDI engagement and join us for this interactive seminar that invites you to shape an inclusive turf management team.

This seminar is FREE to everyone. Registration is required so sign up now.

Room Number: North 224B